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Sandra Mack

 Sandra Mack

Certified Instant Change Master

Sandra Mack

When I was on the verge of a burnout, family issues got on top of me, my night shifts in nursing completely robbed me of my energy I decided to change something NOW. The path to a new life was not yet clear. But if I could manage to release my blocks, fears, doubts and create a new strong, joyful and courageous ME, I wanted to pass this knowledge on to people.

So it happened that a dog came into our family, with great fears and behavioral problems. I learned animal communication and understood that there must be more than what is visible in our reality. I understood that everything is connected to everything via vibrations & frequencies, that there are energy fields and that I can communicate with animals over great distances.


Energy work, meditations, quantum physics and neuroscience had awakened my interest.

In 2020 I came across a NEW METHOD that eclipsed everything I knew about conventional energetic work. A holistic approach, at the cellular level, energy fields and consciousness/subconsciousness. What impressed me almost more was how fast, effective and sustainable INSTANT CHANGE works. In 3×20 minutes blockages, fears and issues are solved without having to rummage through the “garbage of the past”.

Now I was able to not only identify the cause of my dog’s behavioral issue through animal communication, I was able to resolve it immediately with Instant Change.
I live and love to offer a “holistic change” to bring body – mind – soul back into harmony when fear, pain and suffering rule your daily life.

Through specific questions I guide you to where the stored emotions can be released from the formative experiences.

Through the guided origin analysis I lead you to where the stored emotions can be decoupled from the formative experiences. The change can be perceived immediately. Here I combine scientifically proven quantum physics, empathy with instant change. The combination of clairvoyance, telepathy and inner intuition paired with a NEW METHOD from quantum physics and neuroscience leads to fast, effective and sustainable results. As a Certified Master, I can go back to the source of the blockages without my client having to know it. With Instant Change I solve issues where conventional methods have not brought the desired success.

Through my formative experiences I have become the specialist in my field that I am today.


what people say about me

Tobias Wallon

I was allowed to get to know Sandra Mack at a training, where I immediately noticed her nickname: Sunny! This is exactly what this woman embodies, who clearly radiates a warmth of heart that comes from the bottom of my heart and touched me right away.

But not only Sandra’s good mood is contagious, also her charisma is clearly noticeable and full of presence.

This fascinated me especially when working with her, because I always feel her very close, she picked me up where I am. With energy work, we were able to resolve old issues that I had been carrying with me for a long time.
We even addressed health deficits and led to a significant improvement.

I particularly appreciate Sandra’s sensitive way of “sensing” and “seeing” things in her work as an Instant Change Master. This is due on the one hand to her feminine intuition, and on the other hand to her ability to expand consciousness, which she uses in animal communication. Therefore I can highly recommend Sandra Mack and thank her for her sustainable coaching which has changed my life in a positive way.

You have decided to change something?

You know what you want in terms of career, money, partnership and health? Have you already tried a lot and are still struggling with your comfort zone, beliefs and blocks? Then you are only 3x20 minutes away from your breakthrough. Where you direct your attention, there you direct your energy! And energy creates everything!

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