Master’s Companionship

Anwendung & Masterbegleitung

The Instant Change Method is a holistic approach to release blockages, stuck emotions quickly, effortlessly and effectively according to the latest scientific findings. The method works holistically in all 3 areas of the human system: in the body (cells), in the energy field (aura) and in the brain (consciousness / subconscious).

A so-called CDI (connect, delete, inform) process takes place during the application. Instant Change is an “amplifier” of the universal energy that trickles through all living beings from top to bottom every day.
Instant Change applications take place via Zoom, so there is no need to be on site.

With Instant Change you can work on yourself in any situation or integrate it into your work as a coach or therapist.


Application time: 3×20 minutes

100% money back guarantee if there is no change. What can you lose except your blockages?

Is this going too fast for you? Do you want to give yourself some time and prefer a companion?

In 6 months all essential areas in your life will be covered.

  • Self-worth/ self-confidence
  • Health/Vitality
  • Relationship/Family
  • Demarcation/Protection of your energy
  • Finances/Success
  • Stress reduction/self-motivation


Your individually booking option allows you to choose the duration and intensity, you will find exactly the right package for you.

You have decided to change something?

You know what you want in terms of career, money, partnership and health? Have you already tried a lot and are still struggling with your comfort zone, beliefs and blocks? Then you are only 3x20 minutes away from your breakthrough. Where you direct your attention, there you direct your energy! And energy creates everything!

 For more information on Instant Change, application and training, please feel free to contact me any time. Learn how you too can change your life and your business positively in no time: