Instant Change Method


The REVOLUTION in personal development begins with Instant Change, a NEW method based on the latest findings in quantum physics and neuroscience.


Have you ever had the feeling that you can do so much more than you are doing right now? And you are so much greater than you think. But something in you is not living up to your potential? Welcome! Because there is a solution: INSTANT CHANGE

The founder of this new groundbreaking method is Daniel Weinstock. He created it based on the latest findings in quantum physics and neuroscience. Negative beliefs, blockages and fears are effectively and sustainably transformed in just a few minutes. You are probably right to ask yourself, how is such a thing possible? There are already so many energetic methods.

Why the Instant Change method?

What is the difference to conventional energetic methods?

Instant Change erases negative emotions simultaneously in your entire energy field, your cells, in your subconscious and consciousness and makes the positive so big and strong that all the negative has to go. The information, “HOW DO YOU WANT IT?” comes through the amplifier (INSTANT CHANGE) into your entire system. The universal energy, with which conventional methods work, is enormously increased. With individual, quantum physical programs, from combinations of vibrations, frequencies and information, parallel different topics can be solved at the same time. Isn’t this efficiency great?

From now on you don’t have to deal with what has been, suffer from it, or even search why something doesn’t work the way you want it to, but you only have to deal with HOW YOU WANT IT. You are the creator of your own life in 3 x 20 minutes.

What was put into your cradle?

Can you influence your life or is everything already predetermined? Is it your genes that affect your health or is it your strong will to want to change something? The way you come across to other people, how charismatic you are and how easy things come to you can be influenced. Isn’t that a great message? The “sea of all possibilities” is available to us, we just need access to help ourselves from the rich buffet.

Your path to lightness starts with your emotions

Did you know it? We live on the planet “emotion”. Emotions determine our everyday life. You are annoyed about the driver in front of you at the traffic light, the unpunctuality of your children or you are looking forward to the nice evening with your partner and the blossoming trees outside your window. But also globally the world is controlled by emotions. Outcomes result from thoughts, EMOTIONS and actions independent of gender, place and time.

  • Have you ever wondered what certain situations in life do to you?
  • Why do we have feelings and emotions?
  • Have you ever heard of emotional intelligence?

Here it should be enough for you to know that we all consist of energies, vibrations, frequencies and their information. Subtle energies determine our being. The universal energy flows continuously through our entire human system and we only notice it when it falters. Then we struggle with fears, worries and doubts, can’t get out of the woods and certainly can’t reach our goal.

Come into your full potential

We lack the focus and clarity to implement our thoughts and ideas. Invisible rubber bands constantly pull us back into old patterns. Health challenges dominate our daily lives or we go in circles, getting stuck with the wrong people over and over again. You don’t get to your full potential, no matter what you try. It’s a terrible state of affairs that you’d like to change right now.

Right? But how? If energies can no longer flow, therapists speak of blockages. But behind every blockage or fear there is an emotion. If we are able to remove this emotion and replace it with a positive one permanently and effectively, the issue is gone.

Daniel Weinstock, the founder of the Instant Change Method, calls these 3 phases the Connect – Delete – Inform phases.

Connect: Connect emotionally with how you want your life to be.

Delete: The Instant Change Method holistically deletes your paradigms from the past and present in all 3 areas of the human system, sustainably and effectively.

Inform: The resulting vacuum is filled “instantly” with your new positive information. So that, old patterns and paradigms no longer find a place to dock again.

Does it sound like magic and sorcery to you?

That is because subtle energies are not measurable and yet leave visible signs. Some people can help with methods that others can not explain, but still work. This is a fact and 1000s of testimonials, of this still young method prove it.

Secret revealed – The hiding places of your unconscious sabotage program

In the course of your life you store experiences in your physical, mental and energetic system. You even get events of your ancestors in the cradle, of which you can know nothing at all, which nevertheless prevent you from following the call of your soul plan and doing what you are destined to do. These unconscious sabotage programs, negative beliefs are stored in all 3 areas of your human system (cells, consciousness/subconsciousness and in your aura). If you now want to benefit from the buffet of all possibilities, it is necessary to reprogram your cell information, your energy fields and your consciousness and subconscious. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could get rid of all the past crap from now on and only live your tailor-made, carefree and successful life in all its fullness and serenity?

For this you must know that your thoughts exercise a great power. Strictly speaking, your present life reflects your thoughts from the past. Therefore, it makes little sense to deal with the past. Rather, focus your attention on how you want your life to be from now on.


  • How do you feel when you arrive at your destination?
  • What do you smell?
  • What does it look like there?
  • What kind of people are around you?
  • Go into resonance with your goal. Because you always get what you send to the universe in thoughts, emotions and desires… whether you want it or not!

Your Transformation with the Instant Change Method

As already mentioned, Instant Change is a method with the latest findings from neuroscience and quantum physics. It combines diamonds from different energetic methods and adapts them to the ever faster turning and changing world. The efficiency with which Instant Change works is impressive. In a few minutes, personal blockages and fears are sustainably erased from all 3 areas of the human system.

The new Instant Change method works like an amplifier of the universal energy that is already flowing through us. It becomes so large and intense that there is only room for what you are aligned with. For Daniel Weinstock, the founder of this extraordinary method, the speed and sustainability of Instant Change was not enough. With individual energy programs consisting of a combination of vibrations, frequencies and information, he has succeeded in dissolving complex issues en bloc, simply and effortlessly, without having to rummage through the garbage of the past.

The new 4D/5D age has begun with the Instant Change Method

Everything fits together as if by itself into a three-dimensional puzzle of your life. Luck and money find you effortlessly, you are a magnet for people who match your vibration and alignment. Everything is in harmony with the big picture. You live in abundance and back remains abundance. Changes MAY happen with ease, stress, dissatisfaction and hectic belong to the past. What counts is you! The mindfulness with which you live, the separation from external influences, your grounding and inner center.

Blossoming instead of glowing out – we are all connected with the big whole, the universe or the sea of all possibilities, therefore strengthen your strengths and be the creator of your creative thoughts. Come into action now and live your full potential in happiness and harmony before it is too late.

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So what else do you have to lose?

You have decided to change something?

You know what you want in terms of career, money, partnership and health? Have you already tried a lot and are still struggling with your comfort zone, beliefs and blocks? Then you are only 3x20 minutes away from your breakthrough. Where you direct your attention, there you direct your energy! And energy creates everything!

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